Highlights of Mongolia (12 days)

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We invite you to explore the highlights of central, southern, and northern Mongolia and discover a magical and mysterious destination full of historic and natural wonders. Mongolia has one of the highest concentrations of protected land with the lowest human population than any other country in the world. You’ll admire the beauty of Khuvsgul Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Mongolia. In the remote Gobi Desert, you’ll explore the Yol Valley, a deep and narrow gorge named after the Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture) and listen to the soft melody of the “Singing Sand Dunes”. Join a guided dig for dinosaur bones at the world-famous Flaming Cliffs where the wind-sculpted sandstone provides a picturesque scene. At Hustai National Park, you’ll learn about the endangered Prezwalski wild horses and visit the ancient Buddhist Monastery, Erdene Zuu Khiid at Karakorum. A highlight of your trip will be the opportunity to experience nomadic hospitality and learn about their interesting lives. And to truly appreciate the nomadic lifestyle, you’ll even have the opportunity to stay in an authentic Mongolian traditional ger that has been modified to provide you with all the comforts of a modern hotel.

Region: Northern and Southern part of Mongolia
Available time: May - September
Price: 6899 $ for per persons
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Single supplement: 1850 $

Outline itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Day 2 City Tour

Day 3 Flight to Khuvsgul Lake

Day 4 Explore the Khuvsgul Lake

Day 5 Flight back to Ulaanbaatar – Hustai National Park

Day 6 Drive to Karakorum

Day 7 Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

Day 8 Flight to Gobi Desert for 1.2 hours

Day 9 Day trip to Flaming Cliffs and Sand Dune

Day 10 Flight back to Ulaanbaatar – Terelj National Park

Day 11 Drive to Ulaanbaatar

Day 12 Departure

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Hello Soyoloo

Just want to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and expert tour guiding during our trip to Mongolia. We loved visiting the Husai National Park and exploring the city of Ulaanbaatar. Our favorite part of the trip was seeing the beautiful countryside and encountering wild horses, camels and eagles. Thank you so much for showing us around and making sure our trip was a success. We also enjoyed our driver, Zoloo. Look forward to planning our next adventure with you.

Lisa Berkman
Tour group from USA

Detailed tour itinerary

June 21 - Day 1 Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Upon arrival at Chinggis Khan International Airport, you are met by tour guide and transferred to the hotel in the city center.
Rest of the day is for rest and to recover jet lag and travel fatigue.

Overnight in Blue Sky hotel or similar

Meals: dinner

June 22 - Day 2 City tour

After breakfast at hotel, you will go on a sightseeing city tour. The first stop is at Sukhbaatar Square, which is the central square named after the revolutionary hero of 1921 Damdiny Sukhbaatar whom declared independence from China. You will visit the Gandan Monastery that is the largest and most famous functioning monastery in Mongolia; here you may experience the monks in worship and see the impressive Golden Buddha Statue of Migjid Janraisig. Time permitting you can visit the Natural History Museum which is famous for its authentic dinosaur skeletons and also visit the Zaisan memorial hill to get a fantastic view of whole city. You will have a welcome dinner at local restaurant.

Overnight in Blue Sky Hotel or similar

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

June 23 - Day 3 Flight to Khuvsgul Lake

Following breakfast, you are transferred to the airport for your 1.2 hour flight to Muron in the north. Muron is the headquarters of the Khuvsgul Province. You will meet your local guide at the airport and then transfer by a 4WD vehicle through the vast Mongolian prairieland into the forested mountains until finally arriving at Lake Khuvsgul (3 hour drive). It is Mongolia's largest fresh water lake, also known as the "Dark Blue Pearl" of Mongolia is situated amidst pristine nature, beautiful forests, mountains, meadows, abundant with bird species, and orchids.

Overnight at Alagtsar Tourist camp, Deluxe ger

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

June 24 - Day 4 Explore pristine Khuvsgul Lake

After breakfast at the camp you will have a full day to explore the breathtaking shores of this beautiful lake. There is ample opportunity to discover the local nomadic lifestyle. You can plan hiking and photo ventures along the shorelines, which are excellent habitats for wildlife and birds.
Walking and hiking in the lake shores, Horse riding trek near the lake, visiting yak breeding family and experience their unique lifestyle.

Overnight at Alagtsar Tourist camp, Deluxe ger

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

June 25 - Day 5 Back to Ulaanbaatar and travel to Hustai National Park

After arrive in ULN we drive to Hustai National Park Hustai National Park is the site of a unique re-introduction scheme of Przewalskii’s horse (Equus przewalskii), called "takhi" by Mongolians. It became extinct in the wild in 1969 and, since 1992, has been successfully re-introduced to Hustai from zoos around the world. This has been an international effort monitored by The Foundation for the Przewalskii Horse, based in the Netherlands and MACNE (Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and the Environment). The national park is rolling Steppe Mountains with rather large patches of birch and aspen forests. There are also visible remains of Neolithic graves. In addition, red deer (Cervus elaphus) and wolf (Canis lupus) have increased quite a bit during the last few years, as well as Mongolian gazelle. Species present in Hustai but usually not seen include Lynx, Argali Sheep and Roe Deer. The Hustai National Park in Mongolia is world famous for the successful reintroduction of the Prezwalski horse. After lunch at tourist camp we will drive to HS Luxury Resort for a night.

Become one with nature in our luxurious resort. Our hotel provides first-class cottages with a view across the open prairie and the silhouette of the mountains visible on the far end. We provide executive suites only, a 120m2 comfortable space with Glass Ocean Front.

Stay overnight in HS Luxury Resort

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

June 26 - Day 6 Drive from HS Resort to Karakorum, Erdene Zuu Monastery

Early morning drive to Karakorum and arrive late afternoon, on the way picnic. Ancient capital of Mongolia Karakorum city was located on the right bank of Orkhon River and on the north-eastern slopes of the Khangai Mountain and founded by Chinggis khan in 1220, was not only the capital of the vast Mongolian Empire but the epicentre of trade along the Silk Road. At that time the inhabitants of city were mostly Merchants craftsmen who came to karakorum from all over the world. Khubilai khan moved to the capital of the Mongolian Empire to China, establishing the Yuan Dynasty, began losing its importance. In 1379 much of the city was badly damaged during an attack by the army of the Min Dynasty. Stay overnight in ger at tourist camp. (B, L, D)
Erdene Zuu monastery
Erdene zuu monastery was built by Avtai Sain Khan on the ruin of the Mongolian capital Karakorum in 1586. It was the first great Buddhist Monastery of Mongolia. It is part of the World Heritage Site entitled Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape. Stones from the ruins of Karakorum were used in construction. It is surrounded by a wall featuring 108 stupas, 108 being a sacred number in Buddhism, and the number of beads in a Buddhist rosary. The monastery was damaged by warfare in the 1680s, but was rebuilt in the 18th century and by 1872 had a full 62 temples inside. The Erdene Zuu Monastery was taken to state protection and became museum in 1944.

Stay overnight in tourist camp, deluxe ger

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

June 27 - Day 7 Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, transfer to the hotel and do shopping including State department store and cashmere shops. Take a rest at the hotel.

Overnight in Blue Sky Hotel or similar

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

June 28 - Day 8 Flight to Gobi Desert, Yol Valley

This morning you fly over the vast steppe to the Gobi Desert, Mongolia’s southernmost province of semi-arid desert. Meet your driver upon arrival and then transfer by a 4WD vehicle to the Yol Valley in Gurvansaikhan National Park, situated in the lap of the Altai Mountains. On the way to the lodge, you will stop to visit the local Natural History Museum for an insight into the flora and fauna of the area. This valley is nestled deep within the hills and is a safe haven to get away from the desert heat. Some areas of the valley are continually sheltered from the hot sun and house huge, blocks of ice that gradually melt away during the summer. It is very wide at the entrance and narrows gradually into a remarkable gorge. You will get to see wild animals such as ibex and wild sheep, and the vulture. You can hike on foot or go horseback or camel riding around the area to the gorge.
Check into the Three Camels Lodge which is among the top eco lodges of the world. The lodge is solar powered and stands ground on a stunning landscape with sweeping views of the Gobi-Altai been built using all local sustainable materials.

Overnight in Three Camel Lodge, deluxe ger

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

June 29 - Day 9 Day trip to Flaming Cliffs and Moltsog Sand Dune

Following breakfast at tourist camp then we will drive to Bayan Zag(Approximately 5 hours driving), popularly called “The Flaming Cliffs” for its glowing orange rocks. It was here, in 1922, that paleontologists made an astounding discovery. This area got international name as Roy Chapman Andrews after his exploration team from the American Museum of Natural History discovered the first nest of dinosaur eggs here. The area is haven for the natural history scientists as the area is rich in dinosaur fossils. After Bayanzag zag we head to Moltsog Els, is one of the few regions of the Gobi covered by sand dunes. Smaller than Hongoryn Els, these sand dunes are much closer to the Three Camel Lodge, You can visit a camel herder’s family and will have an opportunity to ride a Bactrian camel.

Overnight in Three Camel Lodge, deluxe ger

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

June 30 - Day 10 Take flight back to Ulaanbaatar and Terelj National Park

We will drive to airport for flight back to Ulaanbaatar and you are transferred to Terelj National park. This unforgettable excursion will take you to features such as unique rock formations, scenic valleys, a winding river, and restful groves of trees. Many nomads live in the park itself, where they find lush grazing land for their animals. You will take a tour in the park and visit the notable rocks called "The Turtle rock", and “Monk reading a book". You will visit the Aryabal meditation center located inside the mountains to learn more about Mongolian Buddhism.

A scenic upcountry drive from Ulaanbaatar transports you to the Terelj Hotel and Spa, one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Nestled in an almost untouched corner of the earth – Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, part of the vast Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area – this palatial yet intimate hotel is a destination in itself.
Discover serenity and renewal in the Tereljmaa Spa, with its array of massages and treatments. Share family time in the heated pool and Jacuzzi. Or let the children play in their own club – while you enjoy time as a couple over fine cuisine and a fine Cuban cigar. Then relax in luxurious rooms and suites designed for comfort, and accented by Mongolian antiques and contemporary art.

Overnight in Terelj Luxury hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

July 1 - Day 11 Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

In the morning, we drive back to Ulaanbaatar and there is more to see here upon arrival if you are interested, such as a visit to the Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum, a residence of Bodg Jabzan Damba Hutagt VIII whom was Mongolia's last theocrat. Or take a leisurely stroll through the town center. In the evening perhaps you can enjoy a farewell dinner and attend the local folklore dance shows.

Overnight in Blue Sky Hotel or similar

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

July 2 - Day 12 Departure

Check out from the hotel and transfer to the “Chinggis Khan” International airport for departure.

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